U channel stainless steel profil of the month 2019

laserwelded u channel allsides polished grade 316 protected with laserfoil

Stainless steel profiles from our stock programm

The stainless steel U-beams with all-around polished surface are the stainless steel profiles of the month May 2019. You`ll get all stainless steel profiles with defined surface roughness.

U profiles made of stainless steel, are used in industry as well as in mechanical engineering. Straight, sharp-edged and high static strength, characterize our stainless steel U-profiles with outstanding advantages.

They also fulfill the aesthetic requirements through our surface preparation, such as sanding and high-gloss polishing. As a glass enclosure or as a crane track guide rail as well as for lifting platforms for airplanes our U profiles are used.

As shots for privacy screens in the garden and landscaping, our stainless steel profiles are used as well as in shops and trade fair construction. Surely they have other special applications. In our large selection you will definitely find the required U-profile.

We look forward to implement your outstanding projects with our stainless steel profiles.