Alloy surcharge 304 June 2022 market news

Legierungszuschlag Lz Juni 2022 4301/304 Edelstahlprofile V2a in €/kg
  Jan Feb March April May June July Aug. Sept. Oct. Nov. Dec
plate 2,42 2,46 2,64 3,25 3,85              
flatbars 2,92 3,01 3,23 3,94 4,60              
welded tubes 2,76 2,83 3,06 3,74 4,42 3,70            
seamless tubes 3,72 3,84 4,04 4,58 5,69              
hollowbar 3,32 3,43 3,61 4,1 5,09              
cold drawn 3,28 3,38 3,63 4,43 5,15              

June 2022 alloy surcharges grade 316TI stainless steel

  Jan Feb March April May June July Aug. Sept. Oct. Nov. Dec
plate 3,73 3,83 4,07 4,88 5,70              
flatbars 4,28 4,42 4,69 5,65 6,51              
welded tubes 4,29 4,36 4,68 6,51 6,56 5,58            
seamless tubes 5,26 5,39 5,62 6,25 7,54              
hollowbars 4,74 4,85 5,06 5,62 6,79              
cold drawn 4,82 4,97 5,27 6,36 7,30              

Market price and solutions with stainless steel profiles June 2022

As indicated by the nickel price in the last few days of May 2022, the alloy surcharge for June is decreasing by €0.70/kg for round tubes in 4301 and by €0.97/kg in 4571. This price movement is not essentially expressing market demand. The supply of stainless steel profiles is still secured, but there are corresponding delivery delays due to a lack of logistics capacities. We have planned well and are ready as a reliable partner to implement your projects with high-quality surfaces on stainless steel profiles.

Employe wanted from now on

We are looking for you to join our growing team by Lechner stainless steel

You enjoy making beautiful, functional surfaces from high-quality stainless steel profiles with our wide range of machines. You have the enthusiasm to discover new things with and on stainless steel, to bring in your manual skills, then you are exactly the right person for us! Your diverse commitment in our team is in our grinding center, in the warehouse and when preparing the orders.

We offer you one

  • permanent employment
  • regulated working hours, no shift work
  • Training opportunities

Due to the current situation, we will call you and make an appointment to visit you. We look forward to receiving your application in writing by email / to info(at)

stainless steel market information November

Stainless steel priice and alloy surcharges will also rise in November. The market development does not give reason to hope that prices will ease. At the same time, the rising energy costs will continue to accompany us in the steel market. A certain humility and caution should be awakened by the manufacturers when setting prices, because the flagpole for price increases is not infinitely long. You will continue to receive our high-quality surfaces and stainless steel profiles with our online advertising.

Bows and reducer inside polishing with Ra value

Inside polishing from stainless steel bows is needed for pharmazeutical use and some special machinery for foodprocessing. If you have to transport dry or bulk material even fluids in tubes so its necessary for your processing to get fine surfaces inside of the stainless tube and also of the bows and reducer. We are able to polish the inside surface until up to 0.4my.

The technical documentation takes place in a variety of ways. We create precise measurement values and document the measurement points in special measurement reports for each pipe surface. With our modern image technology on our mobile camera we are also possible to check and document the grinding result from the inside of the pipe. More you can see there.

BrauBeviale Nuremberg 2019

Nuremberg 2019 BrauBeviale in November. To get the liquid into the round, the highest level of specialist knowledge is necessary. That`s why the whole beverage industry is coming to Nuremberg to see the latest innovations. It can be clearly seen that the production of beverages goes back to natural production processes and to the natural product. Many apparatus engineering and pipeline experts have translated historical knowledge into real technic and action. Pipe systems for filter cartridges and water purification systems with appropriate valve technology are just as well represented as our internally and outside polished stainless steel pipes.

TUBE 2018 Düsseldorf and ANUGA Cologne, new tecnology

Stainless steel, market information and many profiles were on display at Tube & Wire in Düsseldorf. From grinding, laser cutting, as well as to machining with appropriate machines for profile production everything is concentrated on the tube. The innovations in materials and stainless steel profiles benefit us all, whether in the production of livestock or pharmaceuticals and the production of pharmaceuticals as well at home on the table as cutlery or the handy handle on the grill.