Alloy surcharge 304 December 2023 market news

  Jan Feb March April May June July Aug. Sept. Oct. Nov. Dec  
plate 2,90 2,99 2,94 2,63 2,53 2,51 2,51 2,39 2,17 2,18 2,14 2,06  
flatbars 3,63 3,68 3,59 3,27 3,17 3,10 2,93 2,74 2,71 2,75 2,64 2,51  
welded tubes 3,36 3,42 3,32 3,04 2,90 2,86 2,74 2,54 2,52 2,53 2,45 2,34  
seamless tubes 4,97 5,34 5,75 5,56 4,86 4,61 4,54 4,33 4,20 4,10 4,08 3,99  
hollowbar 4,44 4,78 5,14 4,97 4,34 4,12 4,06 3,86 3,75 3,66 3,64 3,56  
cold drawn 4,09 4,14 4,03 3,68 3,56 3,49 3,30 3,08 3,05 3,09 2,97 2,82  

Advent season and annual report

Almost as always, we end the year with the words: thankful, it could have been more worse. But how have we actively helped to ensure that the people opposite us feel the same way? It's a tall order at a time when values are very fragile. It is therefore our responsibility as decision-makers to not only raise hopes for understanding, for founding values, but also to let deeds speak alongside words. The brittle alloy surcharge is one thing, but the enduring, appreciative human relationship that has been built up over the year is the most important thing and the long-lasting, stable value is the most important thing. Therefore, a heartfelt thank you to all our customers and suppliers who have worked and continue to work for a peaceful relationship. With this in mind, we wish you and your family the contemplative Advent season you have always wished for and eventful days of appreciation.

Company anniversary 2023

From small beginnings with just under 200 square metres in rented space, the first major construction phase was completed in 1986 at Maybachstrasse 2 in Korb. With the move to the new production hall, now 37 years ago, the first big step in stainless steel processing was taken. At that time, when telephone and fax were still the most common means of communication, we still relied on conventional but modern information channels.

In order to publicise the move, these yellow stickers were stuck on every piece of correspondence to make the new address known. Old school is what we would call it today and smile about it. This information sticker still has its venerable place in our office and reminds us of the beginnings of our company. Of course, 20 October in 2023 was taken as an occasion to celebrate the company's anniversary. A banquet for the entire staff rounded off the celebrations

October Maastricht SSW Expo

The stainless steel world Expo at the MECC Maastricht Netherlands has opened its doors. Maastricht, stainless steel and the golden October with the radiant shine of mirror polished surfaces. Again we`ll cultivate our contacts and strengthen the community with our suppliers. Of course, we will be able to expand our expertise, because great news about stainless steel, sustainability, materials and profiles will be traded there as well as humorous storys.

September Market Report Stainless Steel

As quickly as the ice cream was eaten, the alloy surcharge for welded stainless steel round tubes has also melted away, by 25% since January 2023. While preparations for the Stainless Steel Conference 26-28 September 2023 in Maastricht begin, we quickly raided the ice cream counter. The order intake was relaxed due to the holiday weeks in the scheduling situation, but the tonnage volume was consistently high. According to the IFO Institute, the market share in the German mechanical engineering sector has deteriorated from minus 7.3 percent in April 2023 to minus 14.3 percent in September, but the stainless steel market as a whole is only slightly affected by this. The outlook for the fourth quarter is promising in a positive sense.


Market stainless steel August 2023

More and more the vacation wave of the 2023 summer vacation is making itself felt. This will resault in longer production times for polished stainless steel profiles in our surface service center.  However we have also taken precautions in good times and have built up our delivers capacity for the polished and grinded stainless steel profiles.

Overall for the stainless steel market we would currently describe as somewhat calmer. The weakening of the nickel price is also helping to ensure that the market is no longer as overheated as it was at the beginning of the year 2023. Stainless steel prices in the trade for round, square and rectangular tubes are stabilizing at the price level of the 1st quarter 2021 for material grade 304 and 316 . The situation is similar for materials grade 316TI and other kind oft hem. The current global situation will also be interesting for the stainless steel market in the coming months. However, excessive prices are not to be expected.

Marketinformation March 2023

From our point of view, the stainless steel market in March 2023 is very lively, attractive and very good in terms of our capacity utilisation. The delivery times for stainless steel profiles from our warehouse have been greatly reduced by strategically correct purchasing and the expansion of stockpiling with polished stainless steel profiles. Stainless steel profiles containing molybdenum are currently experiencing a significant price increase due to the rise in the price of molybdenum. The slight price movements in the material grade AISI304/304L do not have as vehement an effect as with AISI 316/316L profiles. The delivery times from European plants are very long compared to the Indian stainless steel plants. Despite geopolitical tensions and the published signals of a recession, the market situation is not significantly affected!

January marketplace information 2023

At the beginning of the year 2023, the roller coaster in the price development continues. It remains to be seen how far the fluctuating nickel price development of December 2022 will affect the market. The molybdenum price has risen sharply since November and has reached its record high ofUS$ 70,000 / ton and is also strongly worthy of attention. We believe this will have a long term impact on high molybdenum stainless steel profiles. The energy market continues to be a particular focus. Energy surcharges continue to be an important cornerstone in pricing. Taken as a summary, the market will continue to be exposed to strong price movements until March 2023.Demand levels as well as the order situation remain at a high level. The supply situation remains good thanks to our well-stocked warehouse.

Employe wanted from now on

We are looking for you to join our growing team by Lechner stainless steel

You enjoy making beautiful, functional surfaces from high-quality stainless steel profiles with our wide range of machines. You have the enthusiasm to discover new things with and on stainless steel, to bring in your manual skills, then you are exactly the right person for us! Your diverse commitment in our team is in our grinding center, in the warehouse and when preparing the orders.

We offer you one

  • permanent employment
  • regulated working hours, no shift work
  • Training opportunities

Due to the current situation, we will call you and make an appointment to visit you. We look forward to receiving your application in writing by email / to info(at)

Bows and reducer inside polishing with Ra value

Inside polishing from stainless steel bows is needed for pharmazeutical use and some special machinery for foodprocessing. If you have to transport dry or bulk material even fluids in tubes so its necessary for your processing to get fine surfaces inside of the stainless tube and also of the bows and reducer. We are able to polish the inside surface until up to 0.4my.

The technical documentation takes place in a variety of ways. We create precise measurement values and document the measurement points in special measurement reports for each pipe surface. With our modern image technology on our mobile camera we are also possible to check and document the grinding result from the inside of the pipe. More you can see there.

Sustainable environment protection also at stainless steel tubes

Stainless steel profiles in wooden boxes are the best and perfect protection against damage and demolition. It`s also the best contribution to environmental protection. So wood ist the best thing for protection at stainless steel profiles.