Alloy surcharge 304 June 2019 Market NEWS

Alloy surcharge grade 304 June 2019
Jan Feb March April May June July Aug. Sept. Oct. Nov. Dec
plate 1,28 1,23 1,35 1,43 1,46 1,39
flatbars 1,40 1,34 1,46 1.54 1,59 1,51
welded tubes 1,49 1,41 1,55 1.64 1,67 1,59
seamless tubes 2,01 1,86 1,85 2.01 2,16 2,18
hollowbar 1,79 1,69 1,68 1,83 1,96 1,98
cold drawn 1,57 1,50 1,64 1.73 1,78 1,69

June 2019 alloy surcharges grade 316L stainless steel

June 2019 alloy grade 316L
Jan Feb March April May June July Aug. Sept. Oct. Nov. Dec
plate 2,00 1,93 2,08 2,22 2,26 2,16
flatbars 2,10 2,03 2,19 2,35 2,40 2,29
welded tubes 2,30 2,21 2,39 2,56 2,59 2,47
seamless tubes 2,91 2,74 2,68 2,91 3,11 3,13
hollowbars 2,59 2,49 2,43 2,64 2,83 2,84
cold drawn 2,36 2,28 2,45 2,64 2,69 2,57

TUBE 2018 Düsseldorf and ANUGA Cologne, new tecnology

Stainless steel, market information and many profiles were on display at Tube & Wire in Düsseldorf. From grinding, laser cutting, as well as to machining with appropriate machines for profile production everything is concentrated on the tube. The innovations in materials and stainless steel profiles benefit us all, whether in the production of livestock or pharmaceuticals and the production of pharmaceuticals as well at home on the table as cutlery or the handy handle on the grill.

ANUGA Cologne 2018

Whether you name the ANUGA in Cologne as an industry meeting or the world's largest trade fair for food production, you will always have points of contact with our high-quality processed stainless steel. Who was not there, missed the best. The hygiene as well as the product names combined with high quality for food production in the whole were the focus for economic solutions. Creative forces identified topics and difficulties and offered solutions from your point of view.

sunscreen and stainless steel

May, spring and gardening tips

Take care onto your awning arms, spray them now with resin-free oil, so again everything runs smoothly in this spring until up to autumn. If you kept them in dry conditions the awnings will greet you nicely. Enjoy
the sunblade at your home, they bring a lovely mood of peace and tranquility. We have further developed the poles and posts made of stainless steel for awnings. Also we designed many more mounting options new and keep them now more in stock also with mirrorpolished surface. Awning poles with Ø diameter up to 100mm in and 5mm wall thickness for extreme conditions. Especially for installations nearby the coast use grade 316L. You can buy the awnings and sunscreen in our webadvertising.