Marking grades and dimensions on stainless steel

The CE marking on stainless steel in conjunction with EN 1090 and CE certification. What does this mean for metal workers and stainless steel craftsmen? The European decisions made fundamental changes necessary. Thus, all load-bearing components for constructions must be provided with indelible and traceable markings.
The standard governs the conditions under which the CE mark may be applied to the component. Components without CE mark are therefore no longer usable within the scope of the standard, and customers should from now on only be able to procure components from companies certified to DIN EN 1090.

Advantage of marking stainless steel profiles

Benefits of labeling the Lechner stainless steel profiles

  • No confusion any more of materials
  • no mistake if optically similar dimensions
  • faster access to the camps especially 
  • accelerated inventory
  • Time savings
  • Quality assurance through up to the last step