Burglary protection for houses and apartments holiday tips

The twilight makes burglars virtually invisible. At least, occurred nearly two-thirds of burglaries in the late afternoon, evening or night. The trend clearly shows a rapid upward trend. In Germany 150.000 burglaries alone in 2013 were recorded in the crime statistics. Rapidly increasing upward trend also in the year 2017th. According to information from the organization GVI in Germany happen most often from pm 4.00 to 5.00 clock the break-ins, in fact at a time when many working people still sitting in the office or are in the workshop.

Here are some tips for intrusion prevention:

Determent through grilles and light assists your security in your home. Moreover burglars are deterred if you take them the cover of darkness. Lights at the entrance, garden and basement unmask the criminals. To link the mechanism on doors with electronics is easy to deal with an alarm system. By apps, the alarm systems can be operated from a distance and you are able to monitor the rooms live.
With variable periods of time switches again to illuminate rooms or to turn on the radio. Who goes on vacation, should empty the mailbox and newspaper tube regularly and upload the shutters and let pull them down. This can be achieved with subsequently installed motors at the shutters.
And one more thing: Who goes on vacation, should not make too much publicity even though we all still like in Facebook post something. With postings on WhatsApp you`ll share informations with a lot of people even with potential burglars. Therefore do not enter any information on the social networks and media like Instagram or Twitter. The General Association of the German Insurance Association GDV also advises

  • the newspaper unsubscribe,
  • the answering machine from your email account
  • buy secure luggage tags for your suitcase, because burglars could read at the airport the address.

Buy Security Technology
The most effective protection you`ll get with the proper safety equipment at the door. Nearly 40 percent of all intrusion attempts failed because the doors and windows are well secured. The resistance of doors and windows are divided into the following classes:
RC 2 recommends the police, RC 6 is the maximum. Also shutters have this information. Not only the main doors and windows on the ground floor should be protected, even side entrances, access to the basement, light shafts and all the windows.
Close the window
Who leaves the house, should close all windows and the doors can not just fall into the castle, but also shut off properly. According to the experts might otherwise go out the insurance coverage.
If there is still a slump, homeowners should know what was stolen. Then everyone should be prepared: Best an inventory list is created. With the stolen items also a criminal profile and behavior of gangs reveals.
If the case has happened
ABSOLUTELY call the police.
Affected be sure to call the police to get burglary damage covered by the insurance after a break!
Window grills made of stainless steel is also at the same time an aesthetic protection against break-ins