Inside polished stainless steel tubes each grade possible

Stainless steel pipes with an internally polished surface are very important for systems at the pharmaceutical and biotechnological industry. The safe transport of the media and keeping the products clean is absolutely necessary in the manufacturing of vaccines. In order to produce the best, purest vaccine for all of us you`ll need polished stainless tubes at the inside of tubes. Stainless steel pipes with a high-quality internal grinding are also used for breweries, the food and beverage industry with the highest degree of uniformity.

inside polished tubes view at the surface

Seamless stainless steel tubes with an internally polished surface up to Ra <0.11my are also possible with our machinery. This round tube diameter 76.1x6.3mm made of 316L steel was processed by various grinding tools and work processes to an Ra value of Ra <1.0my.