Surface finish a lot of definitions

Stainless steel profiles grinding, polishing, brushing, polishing, satinfinish, duplo grinding, Ra values Rz values, now one can extend the list of terms for stainless steel surfaces infinitely.

There are many terms buzzing through the alleged experts. We want to show you on this site where the ig differences are. We got sometimes a laugh and smile in our face, sometimes we`ve been astonished about results from surfaces. Such qualities have certainly been provided by your supplier. But not from Lechner Edelstahl .... Why do we have theese pictures? Because we had to rework the reclaimed surfaces.

uniform surface on bended and welded stainless steel parts

Joined stainless steel components need a uniform surface. Also and especially in mechanical engineering in the food and pharmaceutical industries.
Due to the beutiful and uniform surfaces, the workers are more willing to keep the production plants clean overall.