T profile unequal sided, T- sections, polished and belt grinded

Laserwelded stainless steel T-profiles grade 304 or 316/316L and hot rolled stainless steel T profiles polished all sides, you will get in the raw condition with productions tolerances according to EN 10055, as well as in the materialgrade will now concentrated and related to EN10088-3.

As a short length with a scetch you can also order in our stainless steel web store. Stainless steel Tb profiles available as a chart you can download here. Tolerances according EN 10055 grades EN10088-3

Tb bar, unequal tsection laser welded hot rolled

height A width B thickness t / weight kg / Meter
TB 20 20 40 1,81
TB 25 25 50 2,81
TB 30 30 60 3,73
TB 35 35 70 4,77
TB 40 40 60 5,22
TB 80 40 80 6,4
TB 50 50 100 9,64
TB 60 60 120 13,6

T sections unequal with polished surface

T profiles find use as a stair post to gather aesthetic and functional claims. T bars made of stainless steel are mostly used in commerce and industry uses. In machinery and building equipment T sections meet the requirements for various dutys. 

t sections grade
stainless t sections laserwelded sized from 20 x 20 :::  100x100 mm surface mirrorpolished with equal legs, after sandblasting allsides polished and grinded
304x and 316
grinded allsides with our
comfortable and
laserfoil protection