Stainless steel tube with longitudinal grinding

In fact, we can grind round tubes longitudinal from 10mm up to 800mm in diameter, no matter in which material also Hastelloy materials. Applying a longitudinal grinding on stainless steel tubes has some very specific reasons. In mechanical engineering for food production machines or in beverage production, it is estimated that the water and the production media drain faster. In the field of architecture, the longitudinal grinding on stainless steel tubes, produces a fascinating reflection of the light rays. Our laser film is also labeled with longitudinally ground stainless steel tubes with material and batch designation. Transport packaging with IPPC standard for export can always be ordered.

Food piping tubes with longitudinal grinding also with roughness Ra 0.8my and finer possible
Laser foil protected stainless steel tube with longitudinally ground surface
Batch, material and dimension labeled on laser foil in a longitudinally polished tube
Longitudinal grinding on round tubes for sophisticated architectural requirements
grade 304 tube 168mm with longitudinal grinding up to 600mm diameter possible
grain 320 length polished stainless steel tube which is then protected with laser foil
Wood wrap in IPPC design for export
Our transport packaging for stainless steel tubes offers maximum protection against pressure points during loading
Stainless steel tube with special wooden transport packaging

Longitudinal grinding 33.7 and 42.4mm round tubes grade 304 and 316

Round tubes 33.7 and 42.4mm with longitudinal grinding offers very interesting light reflections. For design furniture, the longitudinally polishing of round tubes emphasize the lines and offer special lighting effects. Haptics, appearance and function are combined in longitudinally grinded stainless steel tubes to a high-quality product. In the process technology of food and pharmacy, longitudinally grinded tubes are used to make cleaning processes safe.