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T-bars equal
T-bars 304L and 316TI are laser-welded available, as well as an extruded profile profile, which are also available in all-sides polish and brushed surfaces at Lechner stainless steel
U-channel stainless steel made from grade 304 +316 laserwelded and hotrolled
T-Profil wide
Laser-welded stainless steel T-profiles in 304L and 316L, according to EN 10055 and EN10088-3. You can order these as short lengths at my-stainless steelshop
IPE IPB beam
IPE HEB IPB beams are also available in allsides brushed surfaces
HEB HEA Träger sind Spezialträger aus nichtrostendem Stahl. Breite Doppel-T-Träger HEB-Breitflansche nichtrostend säurebeständig lasergeschweißt oder auch als Strangpressprofil oder in gewalzt Güte 4301 4307 4404 und 4571 erhältlich. Fertigung nac
hollow bar
Hohlstahl in nahtloser runder Ausführung Warm- bzw. kaltgefertigt, wärmebehandelt, zunderfrei gebeizt bzw. mechanisch  bearbeitet
angles unequal
Unequal angle made of stainless steel in grade
angle equal
angle made of stainless steel in allsides surface with relative sharp edge transition. In the raw state Tolerances according to EN 10056-1 Material test certificate according to EN 10204 / 3.1 In grade 304L 316TI
square tube
alloy 304L 316TI square profile tube used for construction
Stainless steel rectangular tube alloy 304L 316Ti with narrow radii
flat bar
Stainless steel flat steel blank rolled and cut from the strip Materials 4301 4305 4571 4404 in raw, all-round ground and highly polished polish mirrorpolished with laser foil protected flat steel in fixed lengths, mitred cuts and holes
bow grade 304 316 alloy brushed inside and outside
hexagonal bar
hexagonal bar alloy grade 304 316 allside brushed and polished
square bar
square bar grade 304L and 316TI brushed and polished surface
roundbar grade 304 316 alloy brushed and polished stainless steel profiles
round tubes
alloy 304 316 stainless steel tubes brushed and polished