Surface manufacturing process

EN10088; embodiment; abbreviation    
1 C;      hot rolled, heat-treated, not descaled;     I c / B    
1 D;      hot rolled, heat-treated, pickled;     II a / c 2    
2 B;      cold rolled, heat-treated, pickled, cold post rolled;     III c / n    
2 C;      cold rolled, heat-treated, not descaled     III s    
2 E;      cold rolled, heat-treated, mecanically descaled;    III b / h    
2 R;      cold rolled, bare glowed;     III d / m    
2 H;      cold-hardened, bare;     III a    
1 M;      hot rolled with pattern;    –    

plates hot rolled polished

On the following pictures we show stainless steel surfaces grade 316Ti with milled edges and typical features of hotrolling. We cover the grinded and polished surface with a protection film.