Forsterprofile grinded and mirrorpolished

For the La Strada hotel in Kassel, we have provided highly polished Forster stainless steel profiles. Theese premium profiles allows aesthetic solutions for many requirements. The Forster profile Fuego 735803 used as a frame profile, was mirrorpolished at the outside in productionlengths of 6meters, then it was connected to the Forster profile 735805 which was also polished and protected with Lechner laser protection film. The high-gloss polishing of other Forster profiles, such as thermfix vario, is easily possible with our machine park. Forster thermfix vario profiles are used as facing widths for window casements and overlapping casements constructions for dry glazing. You can also find our surfaces on stainless steel profiles which are realized with the wide range of Forster unico profiles which are used for glazing in the outdoor area. The Forster profiles are available with grain 180 240 and 320.